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    July 9, 2013
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>> announcer: the following program is paid for by the friends and partners of joyce meyer ministries. >> but, i tell ya what, i am not gonna let the devil steal the plan of god for my life through having a loose mouth and saying stupid stuff that doesn't agree with god's word. [music]
>> joyce: i have a grandson that's a little over 3 and, he had gotten a hold of a bunch of pictures of me from a photo session i had done. and so he put stickers on the pictures for me. and i know you can't see this but you're gonna get the point. when he brought it to my house to surprise me, every sticker was over my mouth. >> [laughing] >> joyce: i mean, every picture, the sticker's over my mouth. i thought, "well, god, are you trying to tell me something?" >> [laughing] >> joyce: this is an area where we will always be growing our whole life. it amazes me the number of years that i sat in church and never heard anything about the power of my words.
maybe you've heard teaching like this before. it doesn't matter to me if you've heard it a hundred times. you need to hear it again because there's no area that's harder to control than our mouth. "no man can tame the tongue," the bible says. you say, "well, then if i can't tame my tongue, what's the point in teaching me to?" well, here's the thing, if you want to, if you really want to do what's right and you use your mouth for a godly purpose and if you'll pray about it and if you will study in this area, god will do the work that needs to be done. but don't think that you can just make a decision to go home and shut up and everything is gonna change because i went through that over and over and i actually got worse instead of better. we cannot change by works of the flesh. we can only change when we let the holy spirit work in our life to bring the changes
that need to be brought. you and god are partners and you cannot do it without him. god's not gonna let us have victories without him, because if we try to, then we're gonna take the credit. tonight in particular, i want to talk to you about words and how they affect the anointing on your life or how they affect the power and the presence of god on your life. the anointing, acts 1:8. how many of you want to carry a strong presence of god on your life? >> [applauding] >> joyce: acts 1:8... "but you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the holy spirit
has come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses," an enabling power comes to be a witness, "in jerusalem, judea, samaria and to the ends of the earth." when you receive the power of the holy spirit, the presence of the holy spirit in your life, you receive ability, efficiency and might. you know what that means if i can put it another way? that means that you can actually come to the point where you can do the things that you need to do with, what i like to call, a holy ease. without the anointing, everything is hard, hard, hard and double hard. and i do not believe for 1 second that jesus went through what he went through, paid the price that he paid for us so we could all go around and live lives that are nothing but hard, hard, hard. "life is so hard. things are so hard. it is so hard."
well, in the first place, we need to stop saying that... and we need to learn how to do things more in the presence of the holy spirit. you have to learn the difference between doing something that's a work of your flesh and doing something that god has actually anointed you to do. amen? now i'm gonna ask dave to come up and he's gonna share a little something that i think will help you. and while he's on his way, let me say that people ask often how dave handles me being the one up front and him sitting down there. well, there was a time when dave tried to teach and i tried to shut up. >> [laughing] >> joyce: and i was not anointed to shut up and he was not anointed to teach. >> [laughing] >> joyce: and so i asked him if he would come tonight and share with you kind of the process that he went through with this thing about what i'm doing and, you know, how it affected him and-- >> dave: well, first of all,
how many of you have tried to operate in somebody else's gift? never works, does it? all it does is frustrate you because god designed you to operate in your gift. when god gave joyce the gift to teach, i was kind of upset about it because i thought, why did he give it to her and not to me? and after about 2 weeks, i realized--after about 2 weeks of being miserable, i realized that, you know, god is the one that designs and puts the gifts in us. and he never puts a bad gift in anybody. everybody has a special gift designed for them and that gift, if we allow it to operate, we reap the benefit of that gift. and if we do not, we sacrifice, we waste the grace for that gift
to operate and we sacrifice the peace and the joy that is ours in operating in the gift that god has put in us. and many, many, christians throughout this country and throughout the world are sacrificing the peace and the joy that god wants them to have because they're not operating in the gift that he has placed in them. and it's just-- it's a miserable place to be. it's a horrible position to be in. and i believe that every person wants to operate or wants the blessing of god, but they see something in somebody else and they want what god has not designed them to be, and it's--all it does is make them miserable and keep them miserable. so my advice to you is embrace the gift that god has given you. don't throw it away. embrace that gift and if you do,
you'll have both the peace and the joy and god's grace will operate in you to function in what he designed you to operate in. >> joyce: tell them about being anointed to listen. >> dave: hmm? >> joyce: tell them about being anointed to listen, a little coaching. >> dave: she always says, "i don't know how you can sit down there and listen to me over and over again." and basically, i've probably listened to thousands of messages, but god has placed an anointing to me to listen to those messages and i just enjoy them. every message to me is-- >> [applauding] >> dave: just, there are no messages, even though i've heard them over and over again, they're never the same and never boring. they're always alive and i always enjoy them and i always, you know, get a lot out of them so. >> [applauding] >> joyce: thank you. you can take that. i wanted you to hear that from dave for a couple of reasons.
one, dave is one of the happiest people that i've ever known in my whole life. and those couple of weeks and, lord, i wish all of us could get it in 2 weeks, but you know he was only miserable 2 weeks and he got in line with god. most of us have been miserable 20 years and we're still trying to get in line with god. >> [laughing] >> joyce: but at first, it really bothered him that god had given me this teaching gift and then god just showed him, "i've anointed her to do that. but i've given you gifts also and your gifts are also important. and if you function in your gift," now listen to this, "if you function in your gift, you will always have peace and joy. but if you try to function in somebody else's gift, then you're not gonna have peace and joy." you cannot do peacefully what god has not anointed you to do. do you hear me? you cannot do peacefully what god has not anointed you to do.
so stop trying to impress people and just learn how to know what god wants and do it and enjoy it. what i do is not hard for me. it's a lot of hard work, but it's not hard for me to do it because i'm anointed to do it. and whatever you're doing should not be hard for you if you're doing what god wants you to do. surely you don't believe that god has given you something to spend your life doing that you hate and despise and you're miserable at. >> [applauding] >> joyce: man, there's some wheels turning out there 'cause you're thinking, "well, i hate my job." >> [laughing] >> joyce: well, there can be a lot of reasons for that. maybe you just need to come back for my series on attitudes, i don't know, but, you know-- >> [laughing] >> joyce: we should not be miserable all the time
at what we're doing. god will anoint you, that means he will enable you to parent with wisdom and ease. he will anoint you to be a good wife, a good husband. he will anoint you to be a good friend. god will anoint you in business, if that's what he's called you to do. don't try to live on the other side of your gifting and your anointing because if you do, you're gonna do nothing but struggle. and when god has anointed you to do something, you need to see that as a precious gift from god. you take like the songs that matt redman writes and the ease with which he sings. leading worship just looks like the easiest thing in the world for him. and you know what? it probably is because he's anointed to do it. well, now if you want to see me break out in a sweat, that would be the wrong place to put me. amen? but i tried to learn how to play guitar and i tried to sing
because i knew a lot of preachers that could also sing and i wanted to not just preach, i wanted to sing. >> [laughing] >> joyce: and i tried to learn how to play guitar and my fingers were too short, number one. number two, i almost failed music. and number three, whatever key i sing in, nobody knows what it is. >> [laughing] >> joyce: but let me tell ya something, i sure can talk. i am anointed to talk. >> [cheering] >> joyce: the anointing on your life is so precious. 1 john 2:27, "but as for you, the anointing (the sacred appointment, the unction)--" i love that word unction. that's kind of like holy ghost umph, it. unction. "which you have received from him abides [permanently] in you."
so that anointing that god gives us, it abides permanently in us. but if we want it to be released through us and if we want to benefit from it, then we need to cooperate with the holy spirit's plan for our life. every day you should say, "god is working in my life and something good is gonna happen to me. and i can do whatever i need to do through christ who strengthens me." i love my life. i used to wake up every day and think, i hate my life. now i wake up and i say on purpose, i love my life. i love the life that god has given me. you have that anointing. "and you have no need that anyone should instruct you." and that doesn't mean you don't need the gift of teaching. it means, and i love this, that when you have that anointing of the holy spirit on your life, that anointing will lead you and show you what you're to do in situations. you can sense when you're saying something you
shouldn't be saying. you'll sense a little withdrawal of that presence of god and that's a sign. "uh-oh, i shouldn't be saying that, shouldn't be doing that. you know, need to back up here. go forward, it's okay." i can sense that when i'm preaching. i know when i'm going in a direction that's not hitting into what people need and i can change. god will lead you. you can know the timing to talk to your children. you can know the timing to talk to your spouse about what's gonna be a sticky issue. you can know the right time to ask for a raise at work and the wrong time to ask for a raise at work. but if we do everything in our timing, say what we want to when we want to, all we're gonna do is make a big mess. let the anointing teach you. i can tell, this is like a new gate for some you. you're kind of like, "hmm?" see, when you're anointed for something then you don't feel like there's a big struggle with it. there's a flow. there's a certain amount of holy ease. and that don't mean everything in life is easy.
like i said, what i do is a lot of hard work, but the doing of it is not hard. it's not hard for me to stand up and preach to people. doesn't matter to me if there's 3 out there or 3 million. i don't have the fear because the presence of god is on me to do this. i know that it's a gift from god to do this. and many of you have gifts. you know that you have gifts. you have abilities and there's things that you can do, but you're never gonna fully give yourself to what you can do if you don't stop comparing yourself with other people and wanting to do what they do. >> [applauding] >> joyce: "well, all i can do is cook. all i can do is this and all i can do is that. and i wish i could sing and i wish i had a ministry like sister joyce." well, you know what? if i gave this thing to you right now, it could kill you in 2 short weeks if you weren't anointed for it.
i mean, can you imagine the pressure and the agony that some people are under because they're always trying to do something that they're not supposed to be doing? whoo, i love freedom. >> [applauding] >> joyce: i love freedom. i'm free to do what i'm anointed to do, but i'm free to say no if i'm not anointed to do it. so this "anointing teaches you concerning everything and it abides in you. it will never depart from you." the presence of god will never leave us, but we don't want to hinder it. now, let's look at ephesians 4. y'all doing okay out there? >> audience: yeah. >> joyce: now, i pray for you that you will become much more sensitive to what's coming out of your mouth.
and if you get convicted a thousand times a day, i prayog you and keep convicting you until you let him change you. okay now these scriptures are just, wow, wow, wow, wow scriptures. the holy spirit is sensitive, do you know that? he's depicted as a dove, the gentlest bird that exists, and we are anointed with that gentle dove. tender, gentle, sensitive. the bible says in ephesians 4:30, "and do not grieve the holy spirit of god--" do not grieve the spirit of god-- "[do not offend or vex or sadden him], by whom you were sealed (marked, branded as god's own--" now, in order for us to understand what grieves the holy spirit, we have to read the scriptures around this.
verse 29, "let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk [ever] come out of your mouth, but only such [speech] as is good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others, as is fitting to the need and the occasion, that it may be a blessing and give grace (god's favor) to those who hear it. and do not grieve the holy spirit." verse 31, "and let all bitterness and indignation and wrath (passion, rage, bad temper) and resentment (anger, animosity), quarreling, (brawling, clamor, contention), slander (evil-speaking, abusive or blasphemous language) be banished from you, with all malice (spite, ill will, or baseness of any kind)." wow. i couldn't even tell you how many hours i've stared at these scriptures because i tell ya, i do not want to offend, vex or sadden the holy spirit. i don't want to do any damage to the anointing on my life.
i don't want to do anything that would offend the holy spirit. you know what? i think sometimes we need-- we talk a lot about freedom and i'm big on being free. but you know what? i think we also need to sometimes live a little more carefully. >> [applauding] >> joyce: sometimes we can get so free that we just think that nothing matters, but there are things that matter to god. you can change things in your life dramatically by just getting with god on a regular basis and asking him to help you with what you say. what do you talk about at the lunch table? what do you talk about with your friends? how do you talk about people? how do you talk about your boss at work? how do you talk about your life? how do you talk about yourself? what kind of things are you saying about your future? what kind of things are you saying about your past?
a couple had pigeons on their window ledge, but they kept noticing one dove was there. and then they began to notice that when they argued or slammed the door, the dove wound fly away, but the pigeons always remained. so my question to you tonight is: do you have pigeon religion? >> [laughing] >> joyce: can the dove live at your house? or is there too much arguing and bickering and banging and slamming going on? come on. man, you guys are quiet. whoo. >> [laughing] >> joyce: the holy spirit is your unseen guest there all the time. he lives in you. he's promised to never leave you nor forsake you. we don't want to offend the holy spirit. don't have pigeon religion.
make the dove comfortable all the time. in the book of acts, the early christians were told to go wait in an upper room until the spirit, or the promise of the father, would come from on high. and they waited, they waited for this special outpouring of the spirit that jesus said he would send. and in acts 2 it says, "and when the time had fully come, suddenly like a mighty wind, the spirit came into the room and tongues of fire settled on each of them and they all began to speak in other languages." now i'm not gonna not give a long dissertation on the doctrine of speaking in tongues, but i do want to say that it's very interesting to me that the first area that the holy spirit touched--
>> [applauding] >> joyce: and i know a lot of you don't understand the whole thing about speaking in tongues and some of you do and some of you don't. but it's very interesting that god gives that spiritual language so we can speak to the holy spirit in that spiritual language and go beyond our own mind and our own understanding. let me tell ya something. whatever your doctrine is about speaking in tongues, i just lovingly encourage you to study the bible and see what it says. doesn't matter to me whether you do or whether you don't. you don't have to speak in tongues to go to heaven. i love you if you do and i hope--love you if you don't and i hope you love me if i do 'cause i do, so-- >> [applauding] >> joyce: but i still think that there's a point to be made that
when the holy spirit came with power, "and when the holy ghost has come upon you, you shall receive power, ability, efficiency and might. and on the day of pentecost, suddenly a mighty wind and tongues of fire settled on each of them and they all began to speak in languages that they did not understand." why was the first place that the holy spirit touched, their tongue? because he had a great thing that he was beginning in the earth. the birth of the church, a handful of ragtag people and through those people and the anointing that god gave them, fishermen and tax collectors and people that weren't--were not educated, ex prostitutes and all kinds of people that the world would have thrown away as trash. when the anointing of god comes on a person, it turns them into
another man or another woman. >> [applauding] >> joyce: and through that little band of ragtag ordinary people, the name of jesus is famous now worldwide and there are millions of believers all over the world. and the more the devil tries to put the fire out, the more the church grows. >> [applauding] >> joyce: god had to shut zachariah's mouth to get what he wanted with him. and when he was trying to birth the church, he had to touch their mouths with his fire. you're gonna see tomorrow that before god could use isaiah, he had to touch his lips with burning coals from off the altar and cleanse his mouth. and i love what isaiah says in isaiah 6, he came into the presence of god and the glory filled the temple. and the first thing he said is "woe is me for i am ruined and undone for i am a man of unclean
lips, and i dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips." when he came into the presence of god, the first thing he realized about himself, the first sin he realized was the words of his mouth. we should not praise god with one breath and curse men with the other. >> [applauding] >> joyce: we have to get that kind of mixture out of our lives and we cannot do it without a lot of help from god. there's no point in you going home and just saying, "well, that's it. bless god. i'm gonna shut my mouth." >> [laughing] >> joyce: no, what you want to do is go home and say, "man, god, we got a lot of work to do." >> [applauding] >> joyce: and i'm gonna tell you something, this is just not something you learn once and then hoopty-do, you've got it and you do on about your business. i spent about a year and a half, not this year, but the year before and half of the year before that, studying the power of words. but i tell ya what, i am not gonna let the devil
steal the plan of god for my life through having a loose mouth and saying stupid stuff that doesn't agree with god's word. can anybody say amen? >> audience: amen! >> joyce: well, the bible says the human tongue can be tamed by no man, but god has equipped us with his power and he will enable us to speak things that are gonna minister life to us and other people. never underestimate the power of your words and your actions. with a few kind words, you can change a person's life. you can make them better or you can make them worse. today we're offering my book "change your words, change your life." and i really mean that. change your words, and you can change your life. how do you talk about your past? how do you talk about your future? how do you talk about you? how do you talk about your finances? how do your talk about your abilities? you need to begin to speak in agreement with god.
learn to say what god says and you'll begin to have what god wants you to have. now listen to this and god bless you. enjoy the rest of your day. >> joyce: have you ever really listened to the words that you say? your words are either helping or hurting you. in my new book, "change your words, change your life" you'll learn to get more joy, power and progress in your life simply by choosing the right words to say. >> announcer: today, we're offering "change your words, change your life" for your donation of... so don't wait, call us right now, toll free... or visit us online at >> announcer: the joyce meyer conference is coming to hershey, pennsylvania, august 8, 9, and 10, at giant center, with worship by matt redman and christy nockels. then, long beach, california, august 22, 23 and 24 at long beach arena with worship by phil wickham.
admission is free and open to everyone. for more information and a complete conference lineup, visit us online at or call toll free... >> male: by far the most intriguing thing at is the implantation of a greater retort to query database algorithm enabling the user to access matrix solutions in a greater capacity. so that's pretty sweet. >> announcer: with the ever-expanding everyday answers section of our website, you can get biblical answers to some of life's toughest questions. see what's new at cc by aberdeen captioning 1-800-688-6621 >> announcer: the preceding
was paid for by the friends and partners of joyce meyer ministries.
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jenny: hi. i'm jenny. i'm simi. and i'm danny. whoo-hoo! ugh... boogie down. jenny: they call us river rats. we've been kayaking since we were little, and we love it. danny: it's the most important exercise of all. simi: here on the roaring fork river, we have tons of wild whitewater. jenny: gee, that was a great run, guys. danny: too many boulders in these rapids, if you ask me. yeah. we should have them taken out. no deal, simi. no boulders, no rapids. man: hmm, interesting.
danny: did they just drop from the sky? jenny: nice try, sherlock, but you know what? i bet we can figure this out. danny: i know. we can check out 4 different sections of river for clues on why you find more big rocks in certain rapids along the river. we'll look at class 1 to class 4 rapids, from easy to challenging. we're gonna start here on this tame piece of river. it's a perfect class 1. jenny: to understand how all this works, we should check the water speed on all the rapids. danny: we can record the time it takes something to get from one spot to the next. simi: but what should we use? how about lunch? perfect. an orange will just flow with the river. we can use my rescue throw bag to measure out 10 meters.
danny: then we can compare the water speed to the rock sizes we find. jenny: the water speed is the distance divided by the time, so we'll divide 10 meters by the number of seconds to get the water speed. we'll use the orange to measure the speed, but then we have to catch the orange before it drifts downstream. we'll mark the time when the orange flows past the end of our throw bag. come on, guys. orange you ready yet? heh heh. ohh. uh, right, simi. ok. ready? i'm gonna throw the throw bag. danny: ok. bring it on. danny: stop. 26 seconds. simi: well, what we have here, guys, is, i made a little chart. so, we know river section is class 1 water, and then the orange time, we say 26. jenny: remember, we take 10 meters divided by our time, 26.23 seconds, which gives us our speed-- 0.38 meters per second.
and rock size, i'd say we have sand and gravel and maybe small stones. [laughter] let's go look for something more exciting now. stop! stop! danny: jenny, how long did that take us? about 9.43. jenny: the speed of the class 2 rapid is faster, 1.1 meters per second, our rock size-- danny: yeah. i say just regular-size stones. simi: yeah. that's what i'd say, too. now it's time for some real rapids. yee-ha.
stop! jenny: the speed at class 3 comes out slower, 0.80 meters per second. simi: why do you think the class 3 water was slower then the class two water? probably because when the orange went through the waves, the waves stopped it for a little bit. what did you guys notice about the rock size? rock sizes were much bigger. we had large stones and small boulders. let's go check out the class 4 ahead. it's stretched out! get the orange, sim! orange time was 5.95 seconds. the class 4 speed was fastest of all, 1.7 meters per second, our rock size--
i'd say it's boulders. there's not much stones. so, simi, what is-- simi? simi? simi is still chasing the orange. oh, no! the waterfall! bug bites? itchy rash? help me. [ male announcer ] relief starts now. gold bond rapid relief. two itch-fighting medicines instantly relieve summer itches. gold bond.
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jesse: when i'm going up really, really high, i get this really big, fast rush. i'm gordon. and i'm jesse. both: we both love to rock-climb. here in aspen, we're very lucky. we've got lots of different types of rocks to climb. lucky? those rocks are complicated-- crystal this, slab that, fall off that. ha ha! what are we gonna do about it? well, we got to learn more about the rocks. it'll make us better climbers. gordon and i will climbb 3 types of rock to see how their differences affect our climbing. gordon: to compare rock types, we'll look at two factors in our climbing-- one being hand pain and the second being how well our feet stick to the rock. jesse: some rocks and cracks can chew up your fingers more than others. rock type number one is igneous.
gordon: we're gonna start by taking apart this granite. jesse: what would you rate it? i'd say it's really a 4 or even 5. there we go. we got a break. looks pretty much like the outside on here. whoo-hoo. this is igneous. igneous? that sounds like "ignite." does that come from lava or something? it was formed underground like lava, but it came from the magma. gordon: the rock felt good. my feet stuck really well. didn't have any problems. it was a really great climb. how's your grip up there? it hurts a little. it's all the sharp rocks. the friction is pretty good for my feet. take. got you. rope!
there's sure a lot of gear in climbing, isn't there? yeah, and we forgot the most important thing. you know what that is? safety? bingo. that's why a lot of times when we're climbing, we wear a helmet. you much rather have a rock hit this instead of your head. rock type number two is metamorphic. morph. morph. i've heard that word. it means to change, so because this rock changed, they called it metamorphic. hmm. it's not breaking easily. i wonder why it's so hard. guess it could be because it's so compressed. i'd say it's about a 5 on the breakability. all the heat and pressure under the ground squooshed this rock like play-doh. nngh! man: let's make sure you're tied in. gordie, are youu all set here to belay?
i'm all set to go. carabiner is locked? good. mm-hmm. it's pretty steep. are those holds really good? yep. there's a lot of pockets. my feet are gripping well. it feels grainy under my feet. it's very edgy, and there's little, chippy rocks that come off. metamorphic rock around here is called gneiss. oh, so if there's nice rock, there must be nasty rock. no! this "nice" is spelled g-n-e-i-s-s. oh. yeah. it's such a great feeling, you know, when you get to a top of a crag and you're just like, "yeah!" exciting and scary at the same time, but it's fun. last of all, we're gonna take a stab at sedimentary rock. right now, i'm sitting on a rock that wasn't here 20 years ago. it was up there, but erosion brought it down. jesse: so, what's sedimentary rock again?
well, what's the basic word in there? sediment. so, sedimentary rock is just a bunch of sediment that's kind of piled together and turned into rock over millions of years. a more common name is sandstone. now, i'm betting that it's not gonna take too many whacks to get it open. what would you rate it on the breakability? zero. let's rate itt a 1 on breakability. ok. so, that's why we always check the rock before we climb on it. gordon: climb on. good luck. gordon: that's it, baby. dude, give my slack. gordon: can you pop up to the ledge? yeah! you're home. jesse: there weren't as many hand holds as the rocks we climbed before. i mean, it's pretty rough. it wasn't really pointy.
it was rough. that sandstone climb was awesome. it sure was! so, what do the results tell us? well, they don't tell us a definite answer. what they do tell us is which rock holds up best and which rock has the best foot and hand holds. when you're climbing, it's very important to know about the rocks, and you're gonna have to remember "that affected me in that way, so it's probably gonna happen again." gordon: doing these tests helped, but we're not geologists yet. jesse: but we are climbers. climbers who know their rocks. yeah!
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[sound effect of crowd cheering] to summarize... it look like that pugsy slow class 1 water had lots of sand and gravel, but not really any big boulders. jenny: the class 3 and 4 rapids are pretty much stones, boulders, and bedrock, which tells us what? danny: the fast-moving water carries away the sand and gravel,
leaving the big boulders and rocks behind. the water here is powerful enough to toss our kayaks around like toy boats. you usually don't see big rocks moving along in the water. it must take thousands of years for these rocks to collect. jenny: the fast water picks up medium and small pieces and then starts dropping them as the water slows down. good work, team, but we're not done yet. let's get a closer look at the bottom of this river. 1, 2, 3. [laughter] [ female announcer ] pamprin stops all the symptoms of your period. ♪ pain relievers -- they don't compare. pamprin's not just pain relief. it's period relief.
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kids will spend 8 minutes decorating their little brother. brushing for two minutes now, can save your child from severe tooth pain later. two minutes, twice a day. they have the time. ♪ "dragonflytv" hi. i'm carlos de la rosa. i'm an aquatic biologist. and this is my office. [chuckles] i'm the director of the riverwoods field laboratory here in florida, where we're working towards the restoration of the kissimmee river. an aquatic biologist is a person that studies what happens and what lives in bodies of water, like streams, rivers, and lakes. i concentrate in the study of aquatic insects. we can use aquatic insects to measure the quality
of water where they live. identifying insects is like a little mystery project. you learn the history of an insect-- the natural history-- by observation. oh! oh! oh! this is the one that i was looking for. it's a dragonfly nymph. it has one of those neat adaptations to catch prey. he's a predator. and he has part of this mouth part that's called a labium that is right underneath his mouth. and he uses it to grab prey and bring it to his mouth. let me show you this very close. see how long it is? it can extend very long and has teeth in the front. can you see that? when i'm done collecting outdoors, i come to my indoor lab to look at the things that i collected in more detail. the cool thing about working in the lab is that
you get to use really neat gadgets like microscopes and special lights and tools, all of which allows you to identify your organism and find out what it does and how it does it. [sound of chatter fast-forwarding] you don't have to be in an exotic location-- in the tropics or in florida-- to discover new things. you can discover new things in your own backyard. [water rushing] i belong to the summer science club, and we test the environment for certain things that might be affecting it. what lives in the grass, what lives in the stream that runs near your property or what lives in the pond. boy: we know the river's healthy when there's a bunch of things living in it. so we're gonna see what we can find. this is caddis fly. and they're kind of like worm-type creatures, i guess you could say. [child laughs] blecch!
when we're catching fish, we use a net called a seine. it's a big net, so it helps us catch more. lift the net. whoa! holy cow! whoa! man! that's a lot of fish. here's a really big one! oh, my gosh! i can't get it. where's the bucket? that's it! this is a d-frame net. and it's called that because it's in the shape of a "d." and it's very useful because it sits flat on the bottom. and it makes it easier to catch bugs. when we find something new, it's really fun, because we're like, "yeah! we found something new!" got a flathead mayfly. is this the first one we've found? yup. make for yourself a journal, a book where you write down what you find, where you do illustrations, you do your own drawings and your sketches.
take photographs if you have a camera, and build slowly a memory of all your discoveries. there are many scientists doing the exact same thing we are. and they use an index just like this one. to identify what they found. we found 10 different kinds of invertebrates today, and we're going to add them to the index and then send it off to the scientists. hee hee! heidi, voice-over: our work, i think, is important because what we find are changes, and some changes are for the better and some changes aren't. and if i can do anything to help this river, it would mean for the better for me, but it also means better for all the other animal species that live in this river. and if i can help them, that would mean a lot to me. yeah. carlos de la rosa: growing up in venezuela in the tropics, it's almost impossible not to be associated one way or another with nature. every kid loves to play with the mud, loves to play in the water.
and to me, it's just really fantastic to be able to do that and get paid for it. if you were an insect, i would look at you like this. announcer: next time on "dragonfly tv," we're flying high. we'll do some aerial stunts... you're gonna push the stick... fly some vertical 8s... perfect. and paraglide off a mountain. this is awesome. yee-haw! when we get to the edge there, don't try to jump off, and don't sit down. keep running. yow! that's pretty much it. ok. ♪ dragonfly, dragonfly ♪ ♪ "dragonfly tv" cracked. it's embarrassing. [ male announcer ] relief starts now. gold bond foot cream moisturizes and soothes, for soft, sandal-ready feet. gold bond foot cream. maximum strength medicine for fast relief that lasts.
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announcer: teach your kids how to be more than a bystander. visit
- today on an all-new "ricki"... so you went through the trial and you were found guilty. what were you charged with? - murder along with six attempted murders. so the sentence was 30 years to life plus life. - imagine being accused of a crime you didn't commit... - i said, "i beg your pardon?" he says, "i have to put you under arrest." they had a warrant for my arrest for capital murder. - ...or putting the wrong person away for 11 years. - after the dna test came back, they came to my house and they said it's not ronald's dna. and the shame and the guilt, like, suffocated me. - and how this could happen to you. - so how common is it for someone to be wrongfully accused? - a third of the eyewitness testimonies that are given in this country are wrong. - on "ricki." - ( cheering, applause )
- thank you. thank you! hi, everybody. you're so sweet. thank you so much. thank you. have a seat. make yourselves at home. since 1989, 302 criminal convictions have been overturned through dna exoneration. those 300 falsely accused men and women spent a combined 4,000 unwarranted years behind bars. today's guests have all served time in prison for crimes they did not commit and are here with us today because of persistence, determination, a helping hand or science. our first guest was a 16-year-old high school student with a baby on the way when his life took a tragic and unexpected turn. - franky carrillo was just 16 years old when sheriff's deputies raided the apartment where he lived with his family in california.
after being questioned, franky discovered that he was being held for the first-degree murder of a 40-year-old man, and for six counts of attempted murder of the witnesses. the only tie carrillo had to the murder was a photograph of him that was taken by a police officer the year before. the photo was used in an i.d. lineup and franky was identified as the killer. - there was no doubt about it that the system had gone astray. - he was charged and sentenced to two consecutive life terms. franky continued to claim his innocence. public defender ellen eggers took on franky's cause. after 20 years behind bars, carrillo's case was overturned and he is finally a free man. - i think one of the mysteries of all this is the fact that prison didn't destroy my soul. - unbelievable. please welcome franky. - ( applause ) - thank you, ricki. - so... you were just 16 years old. take us back to that day. what happened? - so it happened here in los angeles.